Our Team

Glen Arnell

Surplus Recovery Operations Manager

Revolution Redemption’s great veteran of surplus recovery. Glen is personable and honest when it comes to changing the lives of our clients. While Revolution Redemptions may be working to obtain a profit-Glen works tirelessly to make sure the client remains pleased with the outcome of their cases. Glen takes to heart the necessity that our clients come first! “Revolution Redemptions is not just about the money, it’s about changing lives to those we serve.” – Glen A.

Alesha Tautkus

Redemption Data Analyst

Another great member to the Revolution Redemption’s team! Alesha is a structured and thorough member of our company. Alesha loves to see our clients come away from our company with great results! She also loves to see the happy life-changing impact that this work can have on those who come to experience it. She is determined, diligent and sincere in helping those she works with. In her own words, “I have been so impressed by this company and the masterminds behind this work. I was nervous about putting my name and face on a company, but I have grown to know that Revolution Redemption’s is a company I love and trust.” – Alesha T.